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What is MFV?

The MFV system is the quickest and easiest way to create pre-framed steel walls that suit bathroom applications in new developments or refurbishments. The modular system is equipped with sanitary drainage and water supply pipework (other additional services if required) built into a wall frame, off-site, which is then installed on-site. The result, concealed installations completed in a rapid, clean and straightforward manner.

How Does MFV Work?

Simplified, Cost-Saving Solution for Sanitary System Installations

Globally, developers are adopting the innovative technology of using prefabricated equipped walls for bathroom installations. These fully-engineered systems provide significant time/cost savings, design flexibility and a future-proof solution.

At Three Sixty Solutions, we are on a mission, to help Kiwi developers take advantage of this clever construction method. We have secured the sole New Zealand rights to market-leading Valsir MFV Systems.

We import the frames and components from Italy, assembling and customising to individual project requirements, here in our Christchurch factory.

We provide an end-to-end solution beginning with the design process with our industry savvy team guiding you through the process.

Take a look and see how your next project could reap the benefits.


  • New Residential Builds & Renovations
  • Apartments & Multi-Residential Projects
  • Schools, Hotels, Hospitals & Rest Homes
  • Office & Commercial Spaces
  • Stadiums, Event Centres & Airports
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The Benefits of MFV

Mfv Benefit 1
1 One


The modular efficiency of the MFV system saves time and money improving project margins. The efficient install process reduces time spent coordinating multiple contractors and eliminates waiting time on site. Benefit from an average 30% time cost/ benefit compared to traditional construction methods.

2 Two


The system is designed to provide a fast and simple installation as no special tools are required. Three Sixty Solutions provide easy-to-follow instructions to enable your team to complete the work.

Mfv Benefit 2
Mfv Benefit 3
3 Three


When you partner with us, you are not only benefitting from the knowledge of local industry specialists but, also gaining access to the world’s leading brand. We stand behind the superior quality of the Valsir MFV system for its premium performance and sophisticated finish.

4 Four


The MFV System is loved by architects for the freedom it provides to configure the bathroom precisely the way they have in mind. Independent partition or cavity walls can be created at any height. As well as, loadbearing & non-loadbearing walls, with any dimensions or shapes.

Mfv Benefit 4
Mfv Benefit 5
5 Five


Unlike traditional construction methods, no demolition or restoration work is required. Saving costs on removing debris and rubbish. The process is as clean and air-tight as the packaging the frames arrive in onsite.

6 Six


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our warrantied and fully-engineered system, stringently tested to meet the New Zealand building code of compliance. All of the quality control and compliance boxes are ticked by us, removing any guesswork or unexpected surprises for your team.

Mfv Benefit 6
Mfv Benefit 7
7 Seven


MFV is the perfect solution for hospitals, rest homes and hotels where frequent maintenance and minimal disturbance to services is critical. Total accessibility is achieved through the magnetic fixing system. In this way, it is possible to service or renovate the bathrooms quickly and without breaking walls.

8 Eight


The lightweight nature of the frames means that the systems (weighing only 30–50kg) are easy to manage and can be delivered to any location. No need to be craned in, or stored on-site for weeks, saving on costs, damage to materials and project hold-ups.

Mfv Benefit 8

Like to Know More?

Our Story


Three Sixty Solutions is kiwi-owned and operated, formed to bring innovative solutions to the New Zealand market. The skillset within our team gives us the ability to manage projects of any type and scale. We understand the challenges facing our clients, inside out and are passionate about delivering well-performing solutions.

A chance meeting with a Valsir representative at a trade show in Italy led to our owner Matt Thompson, building a solid relationship with the leading global distributor. With a well-established relationship and clear understanding of the benefits of the best in market MFV systems, we knew the time was right to bring the technology to New Zealand.

As our name suggests, we take a holistic approach to supporting our clients. We take the stance that we are not selling products, rather, we are selling whole system solutions. We partner with you and your team providing an end-to-end solution from concept, design, assembly and testing, through to installation and ongoing support.

Based out of our premises in Christchurch, we support clients across New Zealand, all project types and industries.

About Matt Thompson
Valsir Capital Gate


Valsir is a global manufacturer of quality plumbing systems, based in Vestone, Italy. They have been in operation for 30 years, with their products featuring in 90 countries. They have been fine-tuning the Valsir MFV system offering over the past 15 years. The systems are featured in many high-profile projects such as Barangaroo in Sydney, Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi , Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, Musée des Confluences, Lyon & IKEA Tempe, Sydney and a host of other projects across the globe.

Valsir, a family based business has over 2500 staff in Italy and around the world. They have a world-class technical office made up of a team of highly experienced engineers, capable of dealing with the most complex system requirements.

They also have an impressive training academy catering for clients, distributors, plumbers and planners. As well as a heavy focus on Research and Development, Valsir is also committed to manufacturing recyclable products and the implementation of sustainable processes, in line with the most advanced Green Building principles.

Three Sixty Solutions is privileged to partner with Valsir and the confidence and quality assurance it provides our clients.

Technical Specifications

To view our product brochures and technical spec sheets – view our page on eboss website.

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